Cub Country

Millcreek Canyon Camp

Adventure Begins Here

For more than 40 years, Cub Scouts have been attending camp in Millcreek Canyon. 

In 2020, prepare for the adventure of a lifetime at Cub Country.  Step into your own personalized journey of exploration with space training and the Wild West.

Cub Country Camp

Skywalker Training Camp

Awaken the Force within you at our Skywalker Training Camp with new physical, mental, and STEM challenges to save the galaxy. Enjoy multiple action training centers along with teaching life skills that are needed to progress from Younglin to Jedi Master.

Wild West Camp

Go back in time to the American frontier to learn new skills and life saving trades from Native Americans, prospectors, cowboys, and outlaws. Increase your knowledge of geography, history, and folklore in the 17th century through STEM activities and the mastery of necessary skills to protect you. 
2020 Dates

June 19 & 20
June 24 & 25
June 26 & 27


Regular: $60
Late: $65

Adults & Den Chiefs are not charged to attend
**Late pricing begins 2 weeks prior to the first day of the camp.

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